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For those new to Bitcoin, no high level complicated stuff here, get up to speed fast with fun explainer videos and written content that is all about this magic internet money called bitcoin! Oh ya, put your newly acquired knowledge to the test with our interactive quizzes.

Modules include what is bitcoin, how to buy & sell bitcoin, storing bitcoin, use cases, potential bitcoin weakness’, notable and reputable bitcoiners, valuable resources (links,books and podcasts), and a brief history of what is money anyway?


If reading is not your thing, we’ve created an engaging whiteboard video for each module, and you can take a quiz upon completion of each module to test your newly acquired knowledge. We’ve also tried to infuse a little humor where we can, as the bitcoin culture is big on memes!

Learn on the GO! Topics are short and concise and track your progress as you advance through modules. We’ve added a real time bitcoin price display on the home screen, as well as a countdown clock to the next bitcoin halving


This app is perfect for any inquisitive person interested in acquiring new knowledge. Learning about bitcoin can seem daunting at first. However, little by little, as the pieces start to fall into place, we begin to understand the larger implications of this magic internet money. Go ahead, give it a try!

Did I mention it's FREE?!

App images
What is Bitcon?

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Benefits of using the app

Easy to understand

Learn all the fundamentals of bitcoin with simple easy to understand language concepts

Fun explainer videos

that will take you from zero to hero in no time!

Learn all the essentials

Learn on the GO! Topics are short and concise and track your progress as you advance through modules

infused humour along the way

Learning is fun, also free we built this for everyone!


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